Wild Rose Mouse (KIT)


Beautiful and high quality kit to make sweet Wild Rose Mouse.

Easy to follow illustrated instructions will guide you through making her little mousey body, her pretty dress, hat, her sweet satchel and her daisy book.

Included in this kit –
All fabrics
Embroidery Threads
Pipe Cleaners
Clear and fully illustrated instructions
Hand embossed gift tag
This mouse will stand approximately 15cm tall when complete

Equipment required –

Sharp scissors, small.
Needles and thread.
A removable fabric marker


ah, little Wild Rose…perhaps the most mischievous little mouse that ever there was. She sits prettily on her favourite book, all about Wild Roses of course, but do not be fooled by her innocent looking ears! You see, one of Wild Rose’s favourite things to do is spread a nice big fat juicy rumour. One time, she had the whole village believing that her father was the a former lion tamer, the only mouse to ever have achieved such title. But alas, he had to give up his dangerous career after a particularly horrid incident involving a lion, a wheel of extra mature cheddar and a unicycle. Wild Rose’s father actually works in I.T. and has never been near a circus…


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