Celeste Doll (KIT)


Make your own 30cm/12″ Celeste doll with this magical kit.

Included in the kit –

Fabric for body, bodice and skirt.
Wool for hair.
Felt for flowers and shoes.
Thread for embroidered face and flower details.
Illustrated instructions.
Free embossed Wilderstitch gift tag.

Please note that due to issues with suppliers because of the present situation, the ribbon around Celeste’s waist and on her shoes will be a soft pink, not grey as shown in the picture.

Things you will need –

Removable fabric marker
Small sharp scissors
Needle and thread
Iron & board
Pink power blusher & small brush.


There is a rustling in the ivy as a pair of pale blue shoes appear on the window ledge of the fairy tower at midnight! Celeste climbs down into her nighttime world, dancing with the owls and the white moths that flutter under the moonlight.


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