Hedge & Farrow

Spring seems to be taking her time this year but that’s ok with me. Like all of us perhaps she is just feeling a bit slower, not rushing things, savouring each day after the events of the past year or so.

The beginning of this year brought another lockdown and another stint at home with the children. Getting any kind of serious work or planning done was impossible, I’m sure many of you reading this will understand! Inspiration can come from anywhere, so during those long, dark winter months I lit fires and candles and embraced the seemingly neverending gloom…that’s when Hedge & Farrow came to me.

Hedge Fairy – available in the shop

Where I live I like to think is a special secret. No one ever really talks about Northamptonshire, people don’t generally come in their thousands on hoilday here, it is a quiet place. Those dimly lit months of January and February aren’t an obvious source of inspiration but if you look closer, take notice of every beautiful shade of earthy brown and snowy sky grey you’ll understand how Hedge & Farrow came to be. The bare hedges that line our country lanes, giving way to neatly ploughed rolling fields. The scatterings of black crows pecking for worms. The little wren perched on top of her hedgey home to the magestic buzzards ‘kir-kirring’ in the freezing sky. All of these things made their way into this range of dolls and creatures.

I still have fairies, dolls, a fox, a deer and a boar waiting to be finished on my sewing table but now the seasons are moving on and so must I.

These days are mainly being spent preparing for my next chateau sewing retreat at La Salle in France. I’ve been knitting a tiny raglan sweater using lace weight wool for the past two days now…photos in the next post! I’m hoping to advertise the event next week with all the details.

I’m going to get back to that jumper now. Have a lovley long bank holiday weekend all.

Erica x

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