Quiet Days and Cosy Nights

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” Anne Of Green Gables

And isn’t October a fine month indeed? I whole heartedly agree with Anne, but then November rolled in and I’m overwhelmed with it’s beauty this year.

I’m very lucky to live in the pretty county of Northamptonshire in England. I live all the way down in the bottom left corner, right next to Oxfordshire, in fact both my children attend school in Oxfordshire as it is so close. Every day the school run takes me through the quiet Northamptonshire lanes, past grand stately homes such as Canon’s Ashby and tiny iron-stone cottages, such as my own, with warm light radiating out of the ancient windows. There are rows of neatly clipped box hedge in every shape imaginable, there are old oak forests and rolling hills ploughed ready for the Spring’s crops or covered in swathes of winter barley. I regularly have to stop the car to allow a family of pheasant or quails cross the road and the skies are filled with red kites, buzzards, crows and the odd kestrel.

Never has a place inspired me so greatly, nor a home that I’ve lived in given me so much pleasure.

This year has had its challenges, mostly finding the time to work with both children at home for the vast majority of the year. I have managed to make a new collection of kits, however which are available now in my www.folksy.com/shops/Wilderstitch

They are inspired by winter, by the smokey blue grey of the sky and streaks of lilac, ivory and silver that come as the sun dips down.

There are many plans afoot for next year and I’m plodding on regardless of what the news and nay-sayers might say! There will be a chateau event at La Salle once again and I would like to launch many more kits throughout the year.

I’m also very excited to be working on a subscription for a very special Heirloom Doll KIT. At the moment it will come as a box of delights every other month, so six parcels delivered straight to your door. The first box will contain the pattern for the doll herself and perhaps some pretty sleep wear. The following five packages will contain everything needed for a dress, a coat, a hat and scarf with mittens, maybe a little friend in the form of a deer or a boar to keep her company. There will be capes, bloomers…everything she will need. I intend to make these kits extremely special so they will include some antique elements for you to use including antique lace, buttons, ribbons and trim. I’m hoping to launch these in late December, once the rush of Christmas is over and we can take a breath and plan for the year ahead.

So until I write again, I’ll leave you with some images of the kits that are available now to purchase.

Have a lovely evening all.

Erica x

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