A Cosy Little Workshop

Last month I hosted my first small workshop here at The Wilderness and it was heaven.



There were four of us in all and that was just how I wanted it for the first one. Cosy, intimate and warm. I lit the fire in the sewing room and laid out the table, which in all honesty is just about my favourite thing in the world to do. I spent hours picking flowers and greenery from our garden and arranging them about the mantle and in pretty jam jars tied up with antique french lace. I baked a cake, it was huge, so much so it made the shelf in the fridge bow…whether this is a good thing in a cake or not is debatable but it seemed to go down very well. There were tiny spiced biscuits shaped like stars and dainty slithers of fruit cake iced with sparkling white icing. Everybody’s place was set with a bundle of fabric tied up with ribbon, a teacup and plate, (nothing matching, of course) and bowls and jars overflowing with vintage buttons, laces, silvery stars and ribbons in wintery hues.



Admittedly more chatting took place than concentrating on sewing but again, that was what I wanted. People coming together, making friends, swapping Instagram accounts and Facebook pages, meeting new like minded people.

I was incredibly lucky to stumble access Nicki from The Stitchery one fateful day on Instagram and invited her along to the workshop. We’ve since been concocting all sorts of plans for joint workshops with me teaching sewing heirloom dolls and Nicki tutoring how to beautifully embroider their dresses. I very sure we’ll be doing a Chateau next year together, maybe a week long stitching retreat with Brocante trips and walks in the woods thrown in for good measure. I’m currently designing some themed workshops so will post up dates and availability very soon. In the meantime check out Nicki’s website, she runs workshops near Castle Ashby, here in Northamptonshire so if you’re nearby and fancy a good day sewing, you know where to go!

The Wilderness and the countryside around is is completely veiled in Winter now and all her frosty, sparkly beauty. I have few little Snow Deer left in my SHOP if you would like to add some Wilderstitch sparkle to your own Christmas.



I’m looking forward to a few months of sewing by the fire and making plans for an exciting new year. I hope you all have good things coming this season too.

Erica x


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