Oh, October…

You were incredible!

I want to do it all again. From stitching in a chateau, to lunch in Bordeaux to a book launch in London, it was just great.

I’m back now in my cottage, deep in the middle of Autumn and looking forward to Winter immensely. The woodshed is full, the garden is becoming dormant and the school run is becoming darker. But I haven’t completely forgotten about my escapades to France. The blue door of the Chateau and the golden bricks and petrol blue paintwork of Bordeaux certainly seem to be having an influence on my stitching.

These tiny trouble makers are in my shop at £35 each and come in a box along with the front page news that inspired their creation – Fondue Friday, it was  cheesy blast…no, it really was.




I’m busy today, preparing for my first workshop being held here at my little 17th Century ironstone cottage. The theme is Winter Woodland and we will be stitching an array of bunnies, foxes, deer and maybe a mouse.


There will be more course coming soon…maybe a chateau dolly and her forest companion? Who knows…


Erica xx

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Stitcher of beautiful, handmade dolls and children's author and illustrator.

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