A Walk and a ‘wee pie’

Tonight is going to be all about lists. A list for my workshop in a few weeks time. A list of deadlines needing to be met for my books. A list of things to be fixed/painted/cleaned/saved from falling down in our ancient house. I may have accidentally bought myself a lovely new Moleskine diary to categorise and compartmentalise my life…but despite the huge and sometimes overwhelming amount of things to shape up, there is usually enough time to get it all done. Just.


The only thing I don’t always manage is a good bit of exercise, and today I have run out of daylight. There are no street lights in our village so a quick run might be a little hazardous, plus I’ve heard rumours of a large dog that roams the lanes at night. Some say it’s a pet from the village, some say it’s an escaped hound, I have my suspicions it’s an enormous badger, (Mr Nick has seen one running down the road), but in any instance, I’m not taking any chances.

So back to the ‘wee pie’.

Autumn, for me, and I know many, many other people is a magical season. I adore it. So when we had a visit from Uncle James I saw the perfect opportunity for my favourite autumnal activity – a walk, and a hearty lunch, in this instance, a ‘wee pie’. I saw this recipe on one of my favourite chef’s blog, Mimi Thorisson, and you can find the link at the bottom of this post. She described it as ‘the woods on a plate’ and I couldn’t agree more. The only change I made was to add a few walnuts and capers. Uncle James renamed it ‘the wee pie’, (your royalties are in the post, Jim).











And now, after what turned out to be a longer and more busy day than anticipated, (last minute drop off at birthday party, hospital visit, changing a girl mouse into a boy mouse, pastry disaster), I am now sitting down to plan next week’s chaos.


Have a good week all, and you can check out the recipe here – pie recipe


Erica xx

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