Two counties, a windy day and much mousin’


“What do you want to do today?” asked Mr. Nick one Saturday morning a few weeks ago.

Now normally when I’m asked this question I never really have an answer, I’m usually happiest when I’m at home, just hanging out with my little family and squeezing in as much knitting and sewing as I’m allowed before I have to feed someone or change a nappy. However, this Saturday morning was different. I had it set in my head that I wanted to go to a haberdashery I had seen on the internet. The haberdashery was in Oxfordshire, a quick hop over the county border and the description online had enchanted me. Mason’s in Abingdon is a family run business with three shops in the town and I was intrigued. After a huge amount of grumbling from everybody I finally got my way and we set off on my mini adventure.

As we arrived the weather turned. It was cold, it was windy and our first impression of Abingdon was the concrete multi-storey carpark. No one was impressed, I felt guilty for dragging everyone along. We decided to buy sandwiches, to save the pennies. There was bickering, nobody liked any of the sandwiches on offer. The day was turning out to be a bit of a disaster!

But as we turned the corner out of the chain shop lined pedestrianised drag we heard bells…and music….

I’m not sure if this happens every weekend in Abingdon but there were Morris Men everywhere…scores of them…I’ve never seen so many.



Abingdon was delightful with lots of beautiful independent shops, restaurants and cafes.

Things were looking up but it was still so cold, so we decided to find Mason’s. I was not disappointed. Everything about it was just as I had imagined. The building itself was so authentically beautiful and there was even a crate of buttons outside, perfect to deeply sink your hand into. The building was bought in 1939 by the Mason family and it was heaven inside. No frills. No fancy display cabinets or lighting. It was just so genuine and had everything you could possibly ever need or want.


I’ve since found out that they have a wool shop in the town too. Probably for the best I didn’t know this at the time…I have a bit of a wool addiction.

So we left Abingdon and headed back to Northamptonshire but somehow via Buckinghamshire. Although it was cold and overcast, the scenery was so moody and atmospheric. The trees were fully dressed and at their freshest, and as the wind blew it lifted the leaves to show their paler underbellies. We found a quirky little village so decided to stop and take some photos, I just wish I’ d brought our coats.




So, May and early June have been spent meeting my work deadlines. I have a book coming out in October – “Veronica Twitch, The Fabulous Witch”.11

My stitching has returned to a rather mousey theme lately. My shop seems to be full of mice and there are more to come. I just can’t stop making mice…another terrible addiction.


Until next time…

Erica x



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