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I love old things, I always, always have. When I was a child, we used to go on holiday to France. We would travel from our home in Northern Ireland all the way down through Wales and England, always stopping off at Grandpa Bob’s house in Dorset overnight before catching the ferry across the channel. I distinctly remember looking at the pretty thatched cottages as we drove through the Dorset villages and thinking to myself that I would live in a house like that when I grew up. Of course in France I discovered the beautiful chateaux and visited ALL OF THE CHATEAUX, (read – not another chateau!) on various school trips, but they didn’t really have the same impact on me as all the old, crumbling buildings that you would see from the car or coach window. I wanted to live in something distinctly ‘crumbly’. That was until I discovered that not all chateaux are as grand and shiny as those you pay to visit, (I could happily live in a crumbly chateau, no problem at all). A certain T.V. show has brought these beautiful faded buildings to the attention of the masses who, including me, dream of having a perfectly imperfect chateau of their own.

So one day, after being inspired by the overgrown rose gardens and bleached floral wallpaper of my previous night’s viewing, the Chateau Ballet Mice were born.


All the fabrics and wool that I chose for the mice were just that perfect shade of colour, not too vibrant, not too drab, just perfectly ‘chateau’. I even hand aged much of the fabric and ribbon myself if it didn’t look like it had been in a turret attic for 100 years.


I would love to teach like minded sewing chateau fans out there how to make these  mice, maybe even in a chateau…but that’s another story for another time.

Erica x

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