How To Snuffle Your Truffles

It’s hard to know where to start when writing a brand new blog so I’ll begin by telling you that I have just finished a bowl of hot, cassoulet soup and am watching out of the window of our tiny cottage, waiting for the snow to arrive. My ginger cat George is asleep by my side and my baby boy, Samuel Winter is dozing upstairs and all is quiet. I may do some laundry, quietly of course so as not to wake the baby, plan dinner and then walk up the hill to collect my daughter from school. This evening when the children are in bed I will sew, knit or draw and make new plans and dreams for the future. I will snuffle out some new truffles.

You see, this time last year I had imagined a very different sort of day for the 26th February 2018. We had sold our house in the village and moved into this tiny cottage two doors down temporarily. Myself, my husband Mr Nick, Sienna, a four week old Samuel and George the cat, all squeezed in with most of our belongings put into storage. It was from here that our big adventure was to begin…

For many, many years our plan had been to move to the Perigord Vert in Southwest France. As a writer and illustrator of children’s books I could work anywhere with an internet connection and we planned to run gites and crafting retreats as teaching people to be creative had always been a dream and a passion of mine. Mr Nick would do the renovations and I would be able to blossom creatively and the children would grow up enjoying the outdoor life and benefiting from everything that France had to offer. We could hunt for truffles with our pet pig. You get the picture.

And then everything just disintegrated. Our dreams fell apart and I don’t know why. I was sad for a long time. Mr Nick was sad for a long time.

So that is all I’ll say about that. Those dreams have gone now but with the help of this blog we will find new ones. We will snuffle out some new truffles.

All this has made me very grateful for everything that I have. I have the three most special people with me every day, all be it in the tiniest cottage imaginable.

As I mentioned there is some cold weather on its way and I am looking forward to hankering down with my fabric and my wool and creating, just as I had planned to do in France. Who knows, maybe I will find a way of running those courses one day, just not as the original story was written. Whatever happens I’m so excited to be able to share my creations and see what the next chapter holds.

It seemed fitting to begin by craft blog with a nod to France and her famous forest friends. I think I will call them Bertrand and Beatrice the Boars. You’ll see from my sketch book that I have some more woodland creatures planned and in my next post I hope to share a pattern so you can make a truffle snuffler of your own.

I hope that you will follow us on our new adventures, whatever they may be. Please do say hello in the comments if you would like to.



Published by Erica

Stitcher of beautiful, handmade dolls and children's author and illustrator.

4 thoughts on “How To Snuffle Your Truffles

  1. Good to see you with a new blog, i loved following the previous ones. I have one of your little mice in tiny home in France and it just makes me dream of England! <3

  2. OMG!!! How did I not know you were so talented, you were hiding it under your hat at school drop off and pick up…Beautiful illustrations. Sorry to hear about your change of dream, it is Miltons gain. There are a bunch of us who are crafty here in Milton, in many different ways, from sewing to jewellery making…we are a crafty village x

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