Original Dolls

Enter through the Wilderstitch door into a world of fairytale princesses and mischievous mice. Whether you are looking for special forever gift that will be cherished for generations to come or simply a sweet decoration for a celebration, you will find just what you are looking for.

Stitching Kits

Create your own magical world with our fanciful stitching kits. Sourcing good quality fabrics and colour combinations that are reminiscent of times gone by is the secret to being able to create something that looks incredibly accomplished in only a few steps. Each kit comes with full colour, fully illustrated instructions and all the fabric, ribbons and trims you need bar a few basic tools.

Stitching Retreats

Unlock your inner princess and embark on a magical sewing retreat. Be it in a French chateau or a white cottage in Ireland, you will have the adventure of a lifetime.